High Quality Websites

At OfficeWebDesigner, we take pride in doing our absolute best in every situation. It is our firm belief that there is no job too big or too small for us. Regardless of the task, we take pride in providing the best quality websites on the market.

A good web designer is one who disregards his or her own likes and dislikes, always keeping the client’s taste in mind. All of our designers operate by this standard, thoroughly checking the requirements of your website and designing it to make the best impression on the market. Because of our high quality standards, most of our past designs have attracted more clients to us.

If you’re not completely satisfied with our work, we’ll make the necessary changes to your website until everything is exactly how you want it. All changes are put into effect within 24 hours, so there is no long waiting period.

No Deposits:

Here at OfficeWebDesigner, we’re different than many other web design companies simply because we don’t ask for deposits. Instead, we provide a free sample layout as an initial draft for your website. If you are pleased with our design – and only if you’re pleased – then you can commit to move forward with us. At this point, we’ll ask you for a small deposit and get right to work designing your website.

When you come to OfficeWebDesigner, you’ll quickly realize that we’re not all about the money -rather, we’re all about your satisfaction. There are plenty of online scams nowadays, so we fully understand how risky it can be for clients to make payments before they actually see the work. We’re confident in our skills as web designers, and we want to you to have full confidence in us before we ask for payment.

Unbeatable Prices

We are committed to providing the highest quality website designs to our clients, so you might expect our rates to be high. However, compared to other web design companies in the United States, our prices are very low. So low, in fact, that many web designers are outsourcing their work to us. Furthermore, you won’t be surprised by any hidden charges or fees at OfficeWebDesigner; we show you all prices right from the start.

We avoid working by hourly rates, since this can cause confusion or misunderstanding regarding the final price. We always give you a flat price in the beginning so there are no unpleasant surprises in the end. In our experience, most of our clients end up paying us more in gratitude because of our professional work and smaller initial quote.

If any legitimate web design company provides a quote less than ours, we will beat their price -guaranteed. Please call us now to get a quote for your website, and we’ll be sure to give you the lowest price on the market.

Layout Choices

Your satisfaction is our goal, so when it comes to web design we offer unlimited choices and layouts until you’re completely happy with the design. In addition, we don’t use any templates for your website. We work from scratch depending on your requirements. Most companies who offer you lower prices use templates that give finished websites that unattractive “cookie cutter” look. At OfficeWebDesigner, however, every website we design will be unique and will fully embody the concept you previously envisioned.

Ease of Communication

We are here for your assistance 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Communicating with us is easy, and it sets us apart from other big web design companies. It’s almost like we are located right next door to your place. Whenever you call, you’ll be speaking with same person – every single time!

In many cases, when you call a company the salesperson will offer various features when you sign the deal, but later when you’re talking with developers and project managers, you’ll discover that the details have inexplicably changed. At OfficeWebDesigner, we are careful to ensure that sales, web design, and web development are all organized by the same person, and that person will be the only one who answers your call, every single time.

We also have a feature where you can call us from our website, as well as a live chat option. We love to hear from our clients, and we’ll always be enthusiastic to speak with you, even if you need to call at 3 in the morning!

Streamlined Discussion

Our 10 years of web design experience make understanding your final objective a simple matter for us. We have designed over 100 websites in every business imaginable, so when you call us and tell us that you’re looking for a real estate website, we know from the beginning that you need MLS or IDX features integrated into your website. All of our clients find it very easy to explain to us what they need, because we value clarity of communication and mutual understanding. The end result is always a perfect website that leaves both OfficeWebDesigner and our clients equally satisfied.


We are working with a lot of clients who left their previous web design company because they could not follow through on the promises they made to the client. We understand that switching web designers is a very difficult transition, since it’s tedious and time-consuming to explain your requirements to the new designer from scratch.

We don’t want our clients to go to another designer, of course, so when we take a project we make sure we can accomplish the task and satisfy the client. It’s not our policy to take on new projects that would leave our current clients hanging. If we have taken your project, rest assured that it will be 100% completed with 100% satisfaction.

Website Design and Redesign

Don’t have a website yet? We can make one for you. Already own a website? We can redesign it, improve it, and make it as effective as possible. For us, no job is too small or too large. What matters to us is the number of clients we are handling, so it’s always our practice to increase the number of clients we are dealing with per month instead of looking for the largest projects. We give the same priority to every single project, unlike other companies which often prioritize work based on profit potential.

Increase Your Business - Guaranteed

What’s the point of having a website if you don’t get noticed? At OfficeWebDesigner, we guarantee that our professional web design will increase your business.

Search Engine Friendly

Search engines won’t automatically know about your website even after it’s created and uploaded on your server, so we notify Google and other engines that your new website is up and running, which allows it to be indexed. We also help educate our customers in the proper procedures for winning more traffic and effectively advertising their business. Our clients’ success is our success, after all!

Global and Local References

We have worked for clients all over the world, and every month we’re growing in every country. We have clients who are 100% satisfied in all 50 United States. Want to speak with one of our previous clients to get some feedback on our work? We can provide a reference in your city so you can personally meet or call them to ask about our web design services. It’s our practice to help each of our clients get in touch with a few of our former customers, making it easy and convenient to address any questions or concerns.

Error-Free Websites

We have more testers than sales people. We understand that our clients don’t always have time to test the website, so in our scheme to take care of your website from A to Z we utilize professionals who test your website in all browsers to make sure there are no alignment issues or error pages. Error pages not only tarnish your website’s reputation, but they can also negatively affect search engine results. All our websites are tested and approved by our testing team before being uploaded to the client’s server. Shopping carts, payment integrations, and login pages are all thoroughly checked to ensure the safety of the website.


We maintain complete privacy of your project by uploading files to our server till the website is complete. After the website is done, we upload it to your server so you are the website owner. Other web design companies like to host websites on their own server and charge monthly maintenance fees. Also, they tend to charge unreasonable rates after a few months, simply because they have your files and you’re stuck with them. In our case, however, you are the complete owner of the website. We will not advertise your website or discuss your website without your permission. Your privacy is our first priority.

Grammar Checking

Did you know that spelling mistakes and bad grammar can make a top-notch website look very unprofessional? Like it or not, a site with poorly written content can actually drive away potential clients, which translates into lost business. Since we at OfficeWebDesigner want to make sure you’re 100% satisfied and successful, we offer proofreading and editing services to ensure the most professional results for all of our web designs.